Social Media: When they write something bad about you

Social Media: When they write something bad about you

Published at 4:55pm 14th November 2018. (Updated at 5:02pm 14th November 2018)

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Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are monsters in the social media world, but what should you do is something negative or untrue is written about you online?

Careers have been ended before over tweets. 

Relationships have been destroyed over posts. 

Reputations are left in tatters over opinions. 

But is there anything you can do if you see something written about you that you don't like?

Which social media platform is the most popular?

According to Statistica, the regular users of some of the most popular social media websites and mobile platforms are as follows:

  1. Facebook - 2.27 billion active monthly users (2018)
  2. Instagram - 1 billion active monthly users (2018)
  3. Youtube - 1 billion active monthly users (2018)
  4. Twitter - 336 million active monthly users (2018)
  5. LinkedIn - 141 million active monthly users (2018)

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What should I do if someone writes something bad about me on social media?

Potentially detrimental to your relationships, career and reputation, if someone posts something untrue, negative or harmful about you there are things you can do.  

According to expert Steve Fallon from Newtons Solicitors who receives regular calls about this issue the most important thing to remember is to remain calm and NOT retaliate immediately. 

If you've been affected or want to make sure you're ready in the future, these tips could help:

  • Keep calm and resist the urge to respond which could result in a heated debate causing you more problems in the future. 
  • Collect evidence by screen-shotting and printing the offensive post or content. Make sure this includes the date and time. This will be vital if the case ends up going to court. 
  • Dependent on the situation, if it's serious it's not a great idea to try and resolve the situation yourself. If it ends up in court, it won't reflect well on you if it has made the problem worse. 
  • Contact a solicitor like Newtons who can help. This might simply mean a letter to the person who wrote the post requesting it's removal and a public apology. Or it could be court proceedings for more serious cases. 

Steve Fallon from Newtons Solicitors appeared on the  Stray FM Family Show to talk about what you can do if someone posts negatively about you on social media:

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