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Why do we get ill more often in Winter?

Why do we get ill more often in Winter?

Published at 10:57am 5th December 2018.

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It's often assumed that the cold weather is to blame for that cough or runny nose, but we may be more at fault than we think! O'Connor Chiropractic have been myth-busting and suggest it could be more about your immunity than the time of year.

Christmas is the time of year to indulge yourself as sugary foods and alcohol intake see a massive increase, but these changes could be exposing and weakening your body's defence against illness. Dramatic lifestyle changes and differences in your diet could be key factors in the likelihood of you catching that cold that is making it's way round your office. 

What are the main causes?

We may think that standing near someone with a cough or being sneezed on means we catch their illness, but the causes lie within the strength of your immune system. 

If your immune system is weak, your system is giving bacteria an environment in which it can live, grow and multiply - meaning illness is sure to follow.  

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Why do we get ill more often in the Winter months?

Christmas comes but once a year, meaning we are less likely to worry about our alcohol consumption or the sugar levels in our food. But an increase in alcohol causes dehydration, whilst an increase in sugar means your body will need to produce insulin and rob your system of other hormones, both of which will lead to a weaker immune system

What can we do to fight off the sniffles?

Dr. Jason O'Connor from O'Connor Chiropractic has given us three key tips to fend off illness this Winter:

  • Drink more water - Alcohol consumption over Christmas leads to dehydration, which means white blood cells cannot function as normal. Remembering to drink an extra glass of water between alcoholic drinks could help your immune system. 
  • Get your vitamins - Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Omega 3 are three important vitamins in keeping up your strength against illness.
  • Avoid stress - Christmas may be a stressful time of year for some, but doing your best to avoid putting pressure on ourselves is important. Stress causes our bodies to produce more stress hormones and our immune system to drop.
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How can O'Connor Chiropractic help?

As well as treatments to help boost your immune system, O'Connor Chiropractic are holding health talks in January aimed at patients and families and are open to the general public. 

The "Health from Within" talks are being held on Wednesday 23rd January in the lecture facilities at the clinic and are about building a naturally bullet-proof immune system.

You can listen here as Stray FM's Beth Parsons speaks to Dr. Jason O'Connor about immunity and why we may be more at risk of illness during the Winter months.