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Harrogate woman walks 500 miles for mental health awareness

Harrogate woman walks 500 miles for mental health awareness

Published at 3:02pm 30th January 2019. (Updated at 8:50am 31st January 2019)

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One woman from Harrogate has completed a 500-mile walk for her own charity in a bid to raise awareness for mental health.

Sarah Shearman, who founded the I Choose Life Foundation in October,  began her charity walk in Harrogate on Boxing Day before journeying through Yorkshire and finishing on Saturday 26th January. 

The charity was set up last year after it was revealed that suicide is the biggest killer of young people in the UK, and that 75% of these young people are not receiving treatment for mental health issues. 

O'Connor Chiropractic have chosen to support Sarah on her walk, offering adjustments and corrections to ensure her body remained healthy and injury-free throughout.

Jason treats Sarah, O'Connor Chiropractic
Jason from O'Connor Chiropractic was on hand to adjust Sarah after her 500 mile walk through Yorkshire

After completing her journey between Malham and Skipton, Sarah spoke about her reasons behind the walk:

"I needed to improve my own mental health and wellbeing. Life can get really on top of you sometimes and I just wanted to get away from it all and do something new.

"Getting out and walking really fit in with all the mental health issues going on at the moment and it was really personal to me, and rather than do it on my own I thought I'd get as many people involved as possible."

Sarah's 500 mile route, O'Connor Chiropractic
Sarah's route began in Harrogate before taking her through Sheffield and the Yorkshire Dales

Ben Groom from Stray FM's Family Show caught up with Sarah and the O'Connor team on their route between Malham and Skipton: