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His and Hers adjustments at O'Connor Chiropractic

His and Hers adjustments at O'Connor Chiropractic

Published at 2:35pm 13th February 2019. (Updated at 3:16pm 13th February 2019)

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O'Connor Chiropractic

Give the gift of health this Valentine's Day as O'Connor Chiropractic are welcoming couples to have corrections together.

The Harrogate clinic are inviting couples to refer their loved ones for adjustments, with an emphasis on analysing the Central Nervous System to ensure you're at an optimum level of health.

The clinic are offering new and existing clients a discount off their examination fee when they refer another, meaning those who are stuck for Valentine's Day need worry no more!

Central Nervous System

O'Connor Chiropractic put an emphasis on analysing the Central Nervous System, and how the brain communicates with the body. 

Through the latest digital x-ray technology and nerve scanning system (designed by NASA!), the clinic is able to check for signs of neurological damage that may not necessarily result in pain, but loss of function.

As explained by chiropractor Jason O'Connor, the clinic welcome families as well as couples to ensure everyone is checked:

"We're a Family Wellness Centre, so our mission is to help the whole family reach optimal health. Most people address their health when they're in crisis, but we're encouraging people to prevent those issues.

"The brain is the most important organ in the body and our analysis of someone is to look at their central nervous system and how their brain is in communication with the body, and to do that we need to look at the spine."

Family Adjustments

O'Connor also suggest babies should be checked, and even adjusted, as soon as they're born.

Spinal misalignments most commonly occur during the birth process, with the head and neck put under stress when at such a delicate stage. 

But fear not! Chiropractic care in babies is completely safe, with different techniques used to meet the specific needs of the individual, regardless of age. 

For more information on how you can book in at O'Connor Chiropractic or take advantage of their Valentine's Day offer, email or call 01423 200 020.

Ben Groom from Stray FM's Family Show visited Jason at O'Connor Chiropractic to find out how you can give your loved ones the ultimate gift this Valentine's Day.

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