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Campaign in memory of Skipton man gears up for big fundraiser

Campaign in memory of Skipton man gears up for big fundraiser

Published at 7:03am 6th March 2019. (Updated at 8:12am 20th March 2019)

A campaign set up in memory of a Skipton man who took his own life is raising awareness of its next big fundraiser. 

Samuel Carroll took his own life in May 2016. 

Samuel's Rainbow was set up by his family after a giant rainbow appeared a few days after Samuel's death. 

The campaign's Facebook page, which has hundreds of followers, encourages people to share pictures of rainbows.

Through the campaign, Samuel's family want to raise awareness and try to open up a conversation about depression

Samuel's Rainbow
Samuel Carroll

Since it was set up, it's raised nearly £10,000 for local charities. 

Samuel's sister Hayley says people have got in touch to say it's helped save lives

Hayley said: 

"A lady messaged me to say we've practically saved her Grandson's life because he sat down and told them how he was feeling and they could then go on to get him the professional care he needed.

"I always said from day one, I didn't want Samuel's name to be forgotten, for him to be another case, another suicide. And he's not."

Hayley and the rest of her family are now gearing up for a big fundraising event in May. 

They're organising 'An Evening with Frank Bruno' at The Rendevous Hotel on 24th May

As well as raising awareness, the event will also fundraise for The Upper Wharefdale Fell Rescue Association. 

Hayley added: 

"It'll be a celebration of life really.

"It's not going to be doom and gloom, it's going to be celebrating Samuel and celebrating Frank and how inspirational he is."

Hayley's being helped by Samuel's nephews, 11-year-old Ellis Carrol Nicholson and 13-year-old Skylar Carroll. 

They recently won a 'Children of the Year' award from Yorkshire Housing for helping out at the campaign's events. 

Samuel'a Rainbow
Ellis and Skylar with a picture of their uncle, Samuel Carroll

Both boys say it's important to talk encourage men to talk about their mental health. 

Ellis told Stray FM: 

"Most men don't show their emotions so most people think men are big and hard and they won't cry. But they actually do."

Skylar added: 

"They won't want to speak about it because they don't want to upset their family."

To find out more about Samuel's Rainbow visit their Facebook page

You can book tickets for the event by contacting Hayley Carroll on 07402263833.