5 childrens craft ideas for Mother's Day

5 childrens craft ideas for Mother's Day

Published at 1:21pm 26th March 2019. (Updated at 2:58pm 26th March 2019)

Gearing up for Mother's Day 2019, the team at Mumbler present a range of low-cost, easy craft ideas suitable for children. 

  • Mother's Day is on Sunday 31st March 2019. 
  • Local Mumbler groups from Harrogate, Ripon & Nidderdale, North Leeds and Wharfedale & Craven have been on the search for some simple craft ideas for you. 
Mumbler and children doing arts and crafts at Stray FM
Arts and crafts in the Stray FM office... wish us luck!

1.  Paint your own treasure box

These can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish.

Boxes can be picked up for just £1 at crafts stores such as The Works. 

Mumbler children doing arts and crafts at Stray FM
An artist in the making!

From mess-free (almost) creations using colouring pencils or stickers, to more messy cut-n-stick and paint ideas, we're sure Mums would be happy to receive their own little treasure box for Mother's Day.

treasure box from Mumbler for Mothers Day
How would you design your little treasure box for Mothers Day?

2. A 3D Bunch of Flowers

Use straws and a range of craft items to create your own bunch of flowers. 

Feathers, tissue paper, coloured card; the possibilities are endless. 

Flower card from Mumbler at Stray FM
Flowers come in all shapes and sizes... and so do Mums!

You can also make a card from your 3D flowers but just sticking them on to a piece of folded card. 

Sally and Sarah from Mumbler doing arts and crafts at Stray FM
Sarah from Mumbler has had a go at the 3D flowers, whilst Sally has give the celery flowers a go!

3. A hand print card

This one is great for older children who can practice their writing, and can also be fairly mess-free as it only requires pencils and card as minimum. 

handprint card from Mumbler for Mothers Day
What would your favourite 5 things be about your Mum?

4. A hand print flower

This is a good way to encourage recycling, by using items such as old egg boxes to create the centre of the flower. 

Paint your hands and create a circle of petals before finishing with a painted centre (made out of used cardboard!) and stalks or leaves. 

handprint flower card from Mumbler for Mothers Day
Beth Parsons from Stray FM had a go at this one for her own Mum!

The googly eyes are optional... but kids love them!

Mumbler children doing arts and crafts at Stray FM
You flowers don't have to be yellow, they could be any colour you like!

5. A celery rose

Seen by Mumbler on Pinterest, this is a great way to get the kids excited about healthy eating as well as crafts!

Simply cut open a heart of celery, stamp in paint and then press onto card to create a simple rose shape. 

Celery card from Mumbler for Mothers Day
What other vegetables do you think would make some good shapes?


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Beth Parsons from Stray FM's Family Show met some of the parents and children of Mumbler whilst creating some mothers day crafts:



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