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Man who lived underwater for 10 days hosts diving courses

Man who lived underwater for 10 days hosts diving courses

Published at 10:50am 8th May 2019.

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Dive Shack

World record holding man who lived underwater for 10 days is offering a range of scuba diving courses in Harrogate. 

  • In 2002, Tim Yarrow lived in an underwater tank for 10 days making him a world record holder
  • He now runs Dive Shack in Harrogate and is giving people the chance to learn to scuba dive whether they're complete beginners or more advanced divers
  • Many local people are using the opportunity to learn how to dive before they go on holiday to discover what lurks under the waves. 

Have you ever wanted to learn how to scuba dive?

Underwater scuba diver with a camera and a giant turtle
What animal would you most like to see underwater?

Man who lived underwater for 10 days

When Tim Yarrow, the owner of Dive Shack UK, set  a new world record in 2002, audiences were shocked to see how it's possible to live underwater for a prolonged period of time. 

Done in South Africa, Tim said that sleep deprivation, toileting and taking care of his skin, were some of the areas that were most difficult to deal with. 

Read Tim's blog on his world record.

Harrogate scuba diving courses

The world record holder is now offering local people the chance to try scuba diving for the first time in Harrogate

Known as a 'Try Dive', beginners can test whether they'd enjoy scuba diving in the safety of a local swimming pool before taking the plunge in to the ocean. 

Find out more about a Try Dive with Dive Shack UK.

Max learns to dive in Harrogate with Dive Shack 1
11 year old Max tried scuba diving for the first time... and loved it!

"We went snorkelling in Mexico and I thought the fish were really amazing and I wanted to explore it a bit more...

"It's a really fun experience, I definitely want to come again"

11 year old Max after his Try Dive

Courses are also available for those who would like gain their PADI qualification which would enable them to dive more freely all over the world, or more advanced diving open water and refresher courses.

Underwater coral, fish and scuba divers
What would YOU discover...

Beth Parsons went to meet the team from Dive Shack in Harrogate along with some people trying scuba diving for the first time on the Stray FM Family Show:

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