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Test your resolve at this indoor climbing theme park

Test your resolve at this indoor climbing theme park

Published at 5:02pm 25th June 2019. (Updated at 5:04pm 25th June 2019)

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Clip 'n Climb

Test your resolve, determination and climbing skills at this indoor experience for children and adults alike - think climbing meets theme park!

  • Clip n Climb Ilkley is the safe climbing experience, providing 21 separate climbs of various difficulties.
  • The experience can be enjoyed by children and adults like, with some businesses choosing the venue for team-building exercises.
  • Harness up and race against the clock... or each other!

Clip n Climb Ilkley is the safe indoor climbing experience designed for climbers of all abilities... and all ages!

Families can test their resolve and determination on one of 21 separate climbs, including a speed climbing challenge and a transparent wall designed for racing.

Climbers are fitted with a harness and given a safety briefing before starting any activities, with no climbing experience necessary.

Clip n Climb Ilkley 2
Clip n Climb Ilkley has 21 separate walls of various difficulties, giving families the chance to race against the clock... or each other!

Located at Station Plaza in Ilkley Railway Station, the colourful indoor experience also includes an energetic soundtrack and changing lights to complete the vibrant atmosphere.

"There's lots of different walls which makes it really fun. If you're not such a strong climber and are scared of heights, there's lots of walls you can do that aren't as complex.

"It's really good, really fun and you should definitely come."

Tom, aged 11, All Saints C of E Primary School

Elisa, 11, from All Saint C of E Primary was keen to race against her friends on the transparent wall:

"I've just been on the face-to-face wall, it's a really good chance to climb with your friends.

"Two people can climb opposite each other and see each others' face."

Clip n Climb Ilkley
The 'Stairway to Heaven' climb at Clip n Climb Ilkley has proven popular with children and adults alike. 

With the school holidays not far away, families are encouraged to book sessions at Clip n Climb Ilkley in advance, either online or by phone: 01943 603829 

Ben Groom from Stray FM's Family Show went along to Clip n Climb Ilkley to find out more:

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