Hospice Care Week - Day 3

Hospice Care Week - Day 3

Published at 7:04am 9th October 2013. (Updated at 5:37pm 9th October 2013)


As part of Hospice Care Week, Saint Michael's Hospice in Harrogate is trying to challenge common misconceptions.

Many people believe that hospices are gloomy and sad places which only treat patients with cancer.

Others assume that everyone stays there until they die.

However, most people who use Saint Michael's actually live at home and receive day therapy at Crimple House.

They are able to access a range of experts who can help with any physical, emotional, social or spiritual concerns.

Staff also offer practical advice and support if needed.

People have the chance to meet other individuals in a similar situation, share experiences and continue a healthy social life.

Day therapy, which operates from Tuesday to Thursday between 10am and 3pm, is available to adults and their families free of charge.

Patients normally attend one day a week and transport can be arranged.

Tracey Seavers is the nurse in charge of day therapy at Saint Michael's:

 Occupational therapist Iona Kerris explains what she does to help patients: