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Club celebrates cycling heritage

Club celebrates cycling heritage

Published at 1:06pm 26th February 2014. (Updated at 3:08pm 26th February 2014)

One of the oldest buildings in Green Hammerton will get a nostalgic makeover when the village celebrates the arrival of the Tour de France this summer.

Members at the Village Club, opposite the Green, have decided to temporarily return the name back to 'The Cycle Inn Hotel' after recently learning of its cycling heritage.

The name was originally used from around 1895 when the hotel was a halfway stop-off point for members of the then new cycling club based at the George Hotel, Harrogate, travelling to York.

The name was lost when the club was taken over by the Royal British Legion in around 1932.

Stage two of this year’s Tour de France will pass the village along the A59, as the riders leave York on their way towards Sheffield.

Paul Evans, Chairman of the Village Club, says interested amongst members ballooned after the discovery of an old photograph showing the 'Cycle Inn' name.

He is launching an appeal to find out more information about their past and is urging anyone with old photographs to come forward.

"It is quite amazing really that this place used to be so prominent in the area and I think it's very exciting to explore and find out what happened at that time.

"If anybody has got any photographs or any information, it would be very interesting."

Events are being planned in the village across the weekend to celebrate the race.

Ideas include a fixed bike being placed in the Village Club where locals will be able to test their speed against the Tour leaders.

Mandy Helliwell, Stewardess at the Club, said they are making a big effort in the hope that the weekend will be remembered in years to come.

"Life's too short, we need to grasp these memories and make something of them and hopefully, you never know, they might be talking about the Village Club - the day they hosted the Tour de France - and making a bit more history."

If you have any information about the Village Club's past or any photos, you can contact the Club on 01423 330572 or through its website.