School kids try out Tour route

School kids try out Tour route

Published at 10:55am 27th June 2014. (Updated at 3:45pm 28th June 2014)

Pupils at Kettlewell Primary School have been testing out part of the Tour de France route during their Bikeability training.

Bikeability is the name given to cycling proficiency instruction which North Yorkshire County Council's road safety officers provide to top year primary school children.

Kettlewell's children have undertaken that first and essential training to ride their bikes safely and with confidence on the very same roads that in a matter of days will see the world's best professional cyclists racing.

After initial tests and exercises on the school playground, instructors have decided the children are ready to ride along the route, learning as they ride.

Tracy Briggs, Kettlewell Primary School’s manager, said: "The students are very excited that the Tour de France will race past their homes and have been preparing for the race for many weeks. We are very pleased that our pupils have been able to do their Bikeability course just before the race."