Top 10 tips for moving home in 2017

Top 10 tips for moving home in 2017

Published at 8:46am 3rd January 2017. (Updated at 1:19pm 3rd January 2017)

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  1. The decision, yep it all starts there. Are you going to move this year? Why are you moving? Perhaps it’s more space for your family, perhaps the kids have left home and you want to downside. Whatever the reasons you need to talk it through.

  2. Speak to an agent, well actually you should speak to three, that way you will get a good idea of the market value of your property. Be careful though, some agents overprice the valuation to butter you up to put it with them. Many agents send a person to value your home whose only role is to get you to sign up with them. Job done never to be seen again. He’s not worried if you can’t sell it because it’s priced too high. You should never pay upfront, what incentive does that give the agent to sell your home. Also, make sure the agent you use lists on Zoopla as well as Rightmove.

  3. Whilst the Estate Agents were around your home I hope you took the opportunity to ask them for any tips to help you market your home better. Does the garden need a tidy, perhaps the hall could do with a fresh coat of paint? The agent’s coming around should be able to help with that and give a fresh unbiased perspective.

  4. Before you take the plunge you need to check your finances. You’ve got a rough idea what you’ll get for your home, you know what the agent’s costs are but have you checked the costs of solicitors. Remember, you’re selling and buying and that the cheapest is not always the best and the wrong solicitor could cost you a lost sale. Also, remember that you will have search fees, surveyor’s fees and stamp duty to pay for on your purchase.

  5. Now you know what you’ll have left from the sale of your home which can be used as a deposit on the purchase, you need to speak to the bank, building society or mortgage broker. Brokers can be great as they can look at all of the market but don’t get caught out by high application fees. London & County don’t charge an application fee and I’m sure there are other brokers who don’t. You should be looking to get what is called a mortgage in principle. This gives vendors a bit of security that you have your finances in place when you are looking to buy and help you get the house you want.

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  6. You now have a maximum figure that you can spend on a new home. Before you put yours on the market have a good look on the property portals. Rightmove and Zoopla being the main two. Just about all properties for sale will be listed on either or both of those two. You need to assure yourself that you can buy the property which will be your next home and satisfy the needs that you talked about in step 1. Every property is a compromise so decide what in your list of requirements you could, at a push, do without this time.

  7. You’ve done the jobs the agent recommended and you need to tidy up and declutter. Don’t make your home antiseptic or clinical. Most people buy a home with their heart and the feeling that it’s a home not a house is so important. Don’t hide the family pictures or the odd ornament but clearing away a lot of clutter will make your home look bigger.

  8. Market research is next and you need to satisfy yourselves that there are properties around that you wouldn’t mind looking at further or you’ve decided that you would be more than happy to rent for 6 months whilst you look for a new home if you can’t find one immediately. Now you can appoint your agent to market and hopefully sell yours, before you do just make sure what arrangements they’ll make for the viewings on your home. You should not be doing them, I repeat YOU SHOULD NOT BE SHOWING POTENTIAL BUYERS AROUND YOUR HOME. The agents academy say that an agent is twice as likely to sell your home than you are and will probably get more for it. You then need to make sure that they’ll do viewings on a weekend or evening. In the last 12 months I’ve sold five homes on a Sunday, one of those at 9.00 pm!!

  9. Next job is to keep your home tidy and clutter free whilst the agent markets your home. You will get a rush of viewers in the first few weeks and hopefully a suitable offer. If you do get an offer don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you’ve only just put the house on the market and I’ll get a better offer further on. This very rarely happens and if you say no it could cost you money. Having said that if you have more viewings don’t be frightened to wait until those have been done.

  10. Well done, you’ve got a great offer on your home, the agent has checked that your buyers are in a position to proceed and have the finances in place, you can now go shopping with confidence. You could look around previous to this but there is nothing worse than finding the house of your dreams and then losing it because you haven’t sold yours. When you find a house you wish to purchase, put in an offer. That in its self is enough to fill a blog but you are the only one that knows how much you are prepared to pay for your new home. If it’s a popular property you may be advised to put in a good offer with the understanding that they stop all further viewings or you can play the see what we can get it for.… There are huge gambles with that but you may get a good deal.

Good luck if you decide to move, whether you use EweMove or not I’m more than happy to give you some free advice along the way or you could email to get a free copy of our book “39 steps to avoid a house sale nightmare”.