150 Types Of Cheese To Try Before You Buy

150 Types Of Cheese To Try Before You Buy

Published at 2:02pm 18th May 2017. (Updated at 2:09pm 18th May 2017)

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You're hankering after a bit the good stuff, you're up for trying something new, and you'd love to discover a brand new favorite... but where should you start? Today we're talking about cheese. 

Tackling the cheese aisle seems a bit impersonal, but you're a bit over-faced when the wall of cheese offers more choice than you could dream of. It's time for the cheese counter at Booths

When it comes to the 150 types of cheeses the staff at Booths really know their stuff, from local cheeses produced down the road, to famously delicious cheeses from the far flung corners of the world, the only thing that beats talking to the experts about your next cheese choice is the fact you get to try before you buy. 

Beth Parsons spoke to Hannah Woods who works behind the cheese counter at Booths in Ilkley to find out more about the 150 types of cheese available.