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Heatwave! So pass the brandy butter....

Heatwave!  So pass the brandy butter....

Published at 4:31pm 21st June 2017. (Updated at 5:30pm 21st June 2017)

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The Fat Badger

It's the hottest June on record since 1976.  Too hot to sleep, burnt pink bits of skin and the shower is still too warm even on the lowest setting.  So what should be top of your 'to-do' list?  Booking your Christmas party!

Now is the time to get in somewhere as good as The Fat Badger!  There is of course still lots happening so you can make the most of the sunshine, as the Facebook post proves....

....but have a listen to what they've got planned for Christmas 2017!  Surely they're the first to say the C word?