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Unique dining experience in the strangest of places

Unique dining experience in the strangest of places

Published at 12:14pm 2nd November 2017. (Updated at 12:21pm 2nd November 2017)

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True Foods

Where is the most unusual place you've ever sat down for dinner? Well there's a huge chance this one tops it. 

True Foods based not far from Ripon produces a wide range of uncompromising stocks, pates, terrines and baked goods which are distributed around the world. Often a favourite of top celebrity chefs and restaurants, they are no stranger to innovative new ideas, food development and some pretty irresistible flavours. 

Working within the True Food walls are chefs who have spend many a day inside busy Michelin star kitchens serving food to A-listers, royalty and serious food lovers, and they're very excited to talk about a new element of the business... Introducing the Chefs Table.

4 chefs at the CHEFS table at True Foods Melmerby

Four top chefs, a maximum of eight people per evening, and nine courses of food you will never have tried before, all served up on the Melmerby Industrial Estate. No seriously... inside a factory on an industrial estate. Even the taxis drivers feel dubious about dropping people off for the evening. But step inside... and you'll change any pre-conceptions you might have had pretty quickly. 

We don't want to ruin the surprise, but if you'd like to book your evening at the Chefs Table, give the team a call here.

Beth Parsons went to talk to Mitch, Aled and Hugh at True Foods in the Chefs Table kitchen and got the low down on whats getting food lovers very excited indeed. 

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