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How this man lost 10 stone in 26 weeks

How this man lost 10 stone in 26 weeks

Published at 9:25am 28th November 2017. (Updated at 4:23pm 28th November 2017)

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Alevere is a weight loss program which, under regular doctor supervision, uses specially formulated foods, ultrasound treatment and skin tightening to help a huge number of people lose weight fast and safely. 

With 29 clinics nationwide, local ones in Harrogate and Leeds, the Alevere program requires an appointment of 75 minutes every week during which you are weighed and put through a range of medical observations to ensure you're losing weight safely. An advanced ultrasound treatment also heats up fat cells allowing them to dissipate through the kidneys, and a skin tightening treatment which is similar to a deep tissue massage stimulates collagen to come to the surface of the skin. 

There are 35 different foods to choose from including pizza, pasta, muffins, crisps and puddings as well as hot and cold drinks, and the program works in 8 stages each one adapting the body to new foods and educating you further about what exactly is in each food. 

It's true that the cost of Alevere is more than your average diet plan and the team at Alevere are happy to talk about this, but with good reason - sticking to the plan works and all the results from people who have done it prove it. But if you are in doubt, Alevere have an affordability calculator which helps to show how much it will cost in comparison to what you may already spend on food and drink on a weekly basis.

Read success stories from people who have used the Alevere program. 

Beth Parsons from Stray FM's Health and Well Being Show talked to Managing Director Anne Welsh about how Alevere works. 

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