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The Willy Wonka Factory of Wetherby

The Willy Wonka Factory of Wetherby

Published at 9:25am 21st December 2017.

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Filmore and Union

Ever wondered where the cakes of Wetherby born Filmore and Union come from? We took a trip to the "Willy Wonka" style development kitchen.

We'd let you see you inside but the oompa loompas are camera shy and the recipes are top secret.

Luckily for YOU though, the results are readily available!

Cakes and food from Filmore and Union

There are Filmore and Union restaurants in WetherbyHarrogateSkipton and Ilkley so there are plenty of opportunities. 

None of the cakes, pies, tarts (or anything else on the menu for that matter) makes to the menu without first coming through the development kitchen and bakery in Wetherby. It's here that the unique ingredient combinations and wholesome flavours  are brought to life. 

So what's taking our festive Filmore and Union fancy this Christmas?

  • Lamb tagine
  • Parsnip soup
  • Tomato chutney
  • Winter spiced bread
  • Christmas tarts topped with goji berries and crushed pistachios
  • Mince pies
  • Chocolate brownies and white chocolate and raspberry blondies
  • Courgette and lime cake
  • Carrot muffins
  • Raspberry and polenta muffins
  • Chocolate beetroot cake
  • Turmeric scones

And the really good news, much of the food has added health benefits and is gluten free... but, trust us, you'd never guess. 

Hear when Beth Parsons talked to the Kitchen Manager Michael and Head Baker Graham on Stray FM's Food and Drink Show below.

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