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This Skipton business is giving new life to a British tradition

Looking for a spot of afternoon tea in an Edwardian Parlour? You don't have to wait to be invited by The Queen, you just need to stroll into this Skipton paradise...

Afternoon tea has been an induglence enjoyed by royalty for decades, but you don't need to wait for an invitation to Buckingham Palace - you can go and have your own as nearby as Skipton!

There are many things we consider quintessentially British: queuing, talking about the weather, and drinking tea. Afternoon tea has been a part of British culture since as early as the 1840s, when it was the reserve of the upper social classes. Usually consisting of a selection of cakes and sandwiches served with tea, it was designed to curb the appetite between lunch and an evening meal. 


Like everything, to remain current and exciting, traditional afternoon tea now has unique and modern twists put on it. Some afternoon tea staples, like cucumber sandwiches and scones, can never be replaced. But upgrading your typical scones to white chocolate and pistachio scones? No wonder the popularity of an afternoon treat is taking off again!

Alexanders in Skipton offers fresh twists on old classics as part of its afternoon tea, perfect for special occasions. Or, if you're looking for somewhere cosy for a morning coffee while you read the paper, the Edwardian Parlour is equally good for that. 

Stray FM's Ben Franklin went to Alexanders to find out more about this unique and elegant bar and all that they offer:

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