Haddock or Cod: Which one are you?

Haddock or Cod: Which one are you?

Published at 4:28pm 28th March 2018. (Updated at 4:40pm 28th March 2018)

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Skipton's award winning fish and chip restaurant Bizzie Lizzie's are asking the ultimate question... haddock or cod?

Salt, vinegar or both? Scraps or no scraps? Peas, curry or gravy? Some of life's big decision. 

But how confident would you be in your ability to tell the difference between cod and haddock?

The Lancashire and Yorkshire divide is a popular debate, and continues in the world of fish and chips.

Traditional Yorkshire served haddock, and Lancashire served cod, but in the town of Skipton which is located very close to the border, it's a hot topic.

Hills surrounding Skipton

History of Bizzie Lizzie's haddock or cod decision

When the first Bizzie Lizzie's fish and chip restaurant was born in Skipton in 1989, cod was served as part of a savvy business decision giving the customers of the town an alternative choice to haddock which was served in all the surrounding fish and chip eateries. 

During this time there were also price differences between the two fish types and, conveniently for the Bizzie Lizzie's team, cod was the cheaper of the two. 

Since then the award winning fish and chip restaurant in Skipton has diversified and now serves a range of choices. The Swadford Street restaurant serves cod predominantly with special orders of haddock, and High Street Car Park restaurant serves only haddock. 

But can you really tell the difference between cod and haddock?

When Stray FM's Food and Drink show went out and asked the residents of Skipton in a blind taste test... and it turns out very few people can actually spot which is which. 

The official way to tell the difference is...

Cod has a slightly smaller flake than haddock and also tends to cook a little dryer. 

Ben Franklin and Beth Parsons from Stray FM's Food and Drink Show talked to Alan from Bizzie Lizzie's in Skipton before heading out to talk to a range of Skipton residents to get their thoughts on haddock verses cod. 

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What do you prefer?