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How to cook a pizza in 60 seconds

How to cook a pizza in 60 seconds

Published at 1:09pm 5th April 2018.

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The Pizza Oven Shop

Ever considered getting a pizza oven? This Summer you could be cooking your very own homemade pizzas in the garden with a cooking time of just 60 seconds! Perfect for the impatient pizza lover.

Barbecues are so last year. Ditch the cremated sausages for fresh authentic stone-baked pizzas. 

From nifty little pizza ovens that you can take on holiday, to all-singing-all-dancing mega pizza ovens fit for even the biggest of pizza parties, installing a pizza oven is probably easier, quicker and cheaper than you think. 

The Pizza Oven Shop near Summerbridge, Harrogate has been supplying foodies like you with pizza ovens for a while now and they know a thing or two about perfecting that slice. 

Pizza Oven... let's hot thing up

Pizza ovens generally heat up in around 12 - 14 minutes. Wood fired pizza ovens are usually believed to deliver the best tasting pizzas, and work best with wood kindling. Once the flames and embers have heated the oven up, using a coal rake you can push them to the back and sides of the oven... you're ready for cooking. 

Ian Rowson stokes the fire at the Pizza Oven Shop

Prepping your pizza

To make the most of your pizza oven, make sure you get the  basics right. The Pizza Oven Shop has a great dough recipe as well as pizza sauce idea. Topping wise... go wild! From simple mozzarella and basil to unheard of flavour combinations, what have you got to lose?!

Pizza at The Pizza Oven Shop

Flipping brilliant pizza

Half way through after about 30 seconds, give the pizza a flip around to make sure it cooks evenly. 

Pizza in The Pizza Oven

Remove, slice and eat!

It's time for the best part. Grab your pizza wheel and either share it with friends, get another one in the oven or eat it all yourself!

Pizza with mozzarella and basil at The Pizza Oven Shop

What else can you do with your pizza oven?

Your pizza oven can also be used to cook lots of other dishes too including slow-cooked ribs, joints of meat, casseroles and lots more. 

Slow cooked ribs from The Pizza Oven Shop

Easy to clean, easy to install and not as expensive as you might think, The Pizza Oven Shop is raring to go this Summer with pizza ovens of all shapes and sizes. Located just outside of Harrogate in Summerbridge... what's holding you back?

Pete Egerton from Stray FM's Food and Drink Show went to visit The Pizza Oven Shop in Summerbridge and met Ian Rowson to find out more and give it a go. 

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