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Keeping it tasty for coeliac awareness week

Keeping it tasty for coeliac awareness week

Published at 5:30pm 17th May 2018.

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Filmore and Union

It is estimated that at least 1 in 100 within the UK and across Europe are affected by coeliac disease.  Filmore and Union are out to bust the myth that gluten-free menu options are bland.

Coeliac disease is an autoimmune condition that is triggered by gluten. This then damages the gut lining and in some cases, affects other areas of the body too. It can lead to a whole host of complications and discomfort for the sufferer who has to concentrate on a gluten-free diet, but there is no need for any of this to result in bland food.

You can't tell the difference

Filmore and Union pride themselves on giving their customers gluten-free options on all their dishes and with all their breads and cakes, especially the brownies, you cannot taste anything different. Plus, they're 100% vegan too and according to Lucy and Rachel from Filmore and Union, they taste better than the normal chocolate brownies.

Filmore and Union Brownie

Zero cross contamination

For people with coeliac disease, even the smallest amount of gluten can trigger symptoms and so it is of paramount importance that when preparing gluten-free dishes, they're made in a gluten-free kitchen with zero chance of cross contamination.  Again, this is something that Filmore and Union truly believe in and so their production kitchen at the Wetherby headquarters where the bread and cakes are baked, is clear of all things gluten.



Greek Night

From Thursday 24th May, Filmore and Union host their "Greek night" where the three course menu includes thyme maple baby grilled aubergine, lamb moussaka and a smoked tofu souvlaki. Everything on the menu is designed to be gluten-free too.

Listen to the full chat with Stray FM's Pete Egerton.


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