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Celebrating national fish and chip day

Celebrating national fish and chip day

Published at 6:01pm 31st May 2018. (Updated at 6:05pm 31st May 2018)

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In 2017, National Fish & Chip Day was one of the biggest awareness days of the year in the UK and now this Friday 1st June 2018, it's set to be even bigger...especially if Bizzie Lizzie's in Skipton have anything to do with it.

The British public eat 382 million portions of fish and chips a year, which works out at over 12 every second! In Skipton, Bizzie Lizzie's lead the way on offering a varied menu at their takeaway and restaurant branches on both High Street car park and Swadford Street and this Friday, for national fish and chip day, they aim to celebrate in style.

Flying the flag

Both Bizzie Lizzie's in Skipton will be decorated with Union Jack bunting, the staff will be dressed in Union Jack hat and ties too, plus the Bizzie Lizzie's bear will be out on the streets of Skipton handing out balloons for half term and more importantly, the staff will be out with samples of food.

Gluten free

Along with regular fish and chips, Bizzie Lizzie's Swadford street restaurant also offers a gluten free option which is becoming increasingly popular and not just for those with a gluten intolerance, but merely because people find it lighter and the batter crunchier too.

Stray FM's Pete Egerton has been along to Bizzie Lizzie's to chat all things national fish and chip day.

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