How one local business became a sensation in just a year

How one local business became a sensation in just a year

Published at 4:09pm 28th June 2018. (Updated at 1:01pm 26th July 2018)

CHEFStable at TRUEfoods Promoted by
CHEFStable at TRUEfoods

Just one year ago, The Chef's Table was only an idea at True Foods. Now, it's absolutely thriving, with a long waiting list and consistent rave reviews. What's their secret?

According to the Managing Director Mitch Mitchell, and Head Chef Aled Williams, the secret is constantly striving to be better. Where for some a great review is the goal, for Mitch and Aled, it's just a sign they've done well - and then they're onto the next new thing. 

Always looking for new methods of cooking, new styles, and new ingredients, now that they're gathering return customers they're striving to keep the menu as creative as possible.

Inspired by a visit to Barcelona, once the idea was born the turnaround to installing The Chefs Table was only a few weeks.

Seating 8 people at a time, the Chef's Table is a truly unique dining experience, as everything is prepared from raw to ready right in front of you. The waiting list might be long, but you've got to be on it to stand a chance of getting to the top of it!

Ben Franklin from Stray FM spoke to Mitch and Aled about how they've cultivated such a successful project at True Foods:



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