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Cutting edge family fun at Alexander's

Cutting edge family fun at Alexander's

Published at 4:24pm 30th August 2018.

Alexander's bar and kitchen Skipton Promoted by
Alexander's bar and kitchen Skipton

Alexander's bar and kitchen on the high street in Skipton have introduced a revolutionary app which can be accessed via Alexander’s in-house iPads and it enables children to colour in two fantasy characters and then ‘bring their drawings to life.’ 

When you go out for a family meal, do you find yourself packing certain items in order to keep the kids entertained? Alexander's in Skipton can save you that job because they have launched an augmented reality (AR) colouring experience especially for children.

Enchanterwood colouring in activity sheet and augmented reality experience.

Little Explorers

When you arrive, the children receive an activity sheet that allows them to colour either an elf or fairy. Once done, ask for an in-house iPad, hover it above the image and watch the elf or fairy seemingly come to life! There's also a little game to play on the iPad that you may find yourself getting hooked on, but don't forget to order something delicious from the Little Explorers MenuThe team at Alexander's pride themselves on offering a mini-reflection of their adult menu for the children too...the in-house baked beans are particularly tasty!

Noodles the bear at Alexanders
Smile for the camera Noodles


Alexander's also offer a school holiday cookery school with their cuddly chef-wannabe, "Noodles the bear." Alongside his assistant Mel, Noodles is on an adventure of cooking-discovery learning such skills as the art of sandwich making, healthy eating and all the necessary ingredients to make it tasty. 

Children enjoying the cookery school
Fun with Noodles

Listen to Stray FM's Pete Egerton chatting to Jess, one of the managers at Alexander's, discussing the AR colouring experience, the little explorers menu and Noodles the bear too.

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