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Healthy fish and chips now available in Skipton

Healthy fish and chips now available in Skipton

Published at 2:10pm 21st February 2019.

Bizzie Lizzie's Skipton Promoted by
Bizzie Lizzie's Skipton

Bizzie Lizzie's Fish and Chip Restaurant can now offer fish and chips at less than 600 calories as they continue to add healthier options to their menu.

The Skipton restaurant have had their dishes nutritionally tested and have revealed that their new lightly-battered fish and half portion of chips falls under the 600 calorie mark.

The British staple is just one of a number of healthy options on the menu, including their homemade soups of the day which are also suitable for vegetarians, vegans and celiacs. 

Bizzie Lizzie's, who have sites at Swadford Street and High Street Car Park in Skipton, are not limited to fish and chips, also offering grilled chicken breasts and chilli that are under 600 calories.

Prawn cocktail, Bizzie Lizzie's Skipton
The prawn cocktail at Bizzie Lizzie's is made with homemade Marie Rose sauce and is one of a number of healthier options

Options for vegans and vegetarians

Bizzie Lizzie's recently replaced their range and redesigned their kitchen to allow them to serve fish and chips suitable for vegetarians, vegans and celiacs.

The restaurant can now cook their fish and chips separately and use sunflower oil on request as opposed to beef-dripping, without risk of contamination. 

Beth Parsons from Stray FM's Food and Drink show spoke to Katie at Bizzie Lizzie's to find out more about their healthier options:

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