Have Brits got the hots for curry?

Have Brits got the hots for curry?

Published at 4:18pm 6th March 2019.

A new study has found that we are a nation of curry lovers, with more than 40% of the UK admitting to eating the dish at least once on a weekly basis.

The research carried out by the Co-op revealed that the average Brit enjoys four curries per month and almost a third (30%) would describe themselves as curry lovers.

We do generally like to live on the mild side as a nation however, with Chicken Tikka being voted the most popular dish (25%), followed by Chicken Korma (20%) and Lamb Rogan Josh (12%). 

In terms of sides, pilau rice (47%), poppadoms (46%) and a garlic naan (40%) were the favourite curry accompaniments, as well as over 1 in 4 (29%) of UK adults preferring to have a pint of beer as their drink accompaniment.

Indian side dishes
Pilau rice (47%), poppadoms (46%) and garlic naan (40%) are the nation's favourite curry accompaniments

Some like it hot...

The nation tends to be quite divided when it comes to spice, with just 28% of those surveyed claiming to be fans of hot and spicy varieties. 

And it's the men who come out on top in the battle of the sexes, with 14% of men admitting they prefer a spicier dish compared to just 4% of women. 

However spicy we prefer our curries, the findings have confirmed it as king of convenience and an easy mid-week meal for all the family.

Ben Groom from Stray FM's Food & Drink show spoke to Kevin Sargent, the Co-op Curry Developer, and curry-blogger Dan Toombs, AKA The Curry Guy:

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