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Skipton businesses reaping the benefits of supporting local

Skipton businesses reaping the benefits of supporting local

Published at 3:35pm 13th March 2019.

Bizzie Lizzie's Promoted by
Bizzie Lizzie's

Bizzie Lizzie's fish and chip restaurant in Skipton are celebrating their partnership with local Butchers Stanforth's for National Butchers Week.

  • Bizzie Lizzie's are emphasising the need to support local businesses for National Butcher's Week
  • Stanforth's Butchers supply burgers, sausages and pies for the restaurant
  • The partnership allows the Skipton restaurant to supply the freshest local products

Bizzie Lizzie's fish and chip restaurant have watched their partnership with Stanforth's Butchers flourish over the years as they continue to support local businesses for National Butcher's Week.

Stanforth's supply the restaurant with steak and kidney, mince to make their own chilli, breakfast sausages and gourmet burgers.

Bizzie Lizzie's, who have locations at High Street Car Park and Swadford Street, have seen their menu influenced by Stanforth's throughout their partnership and have recently started serving the butcher's pies.

Stanforths Butchers, meat
Stanforth's Butchers have been in partnership with Bizzie Lizzie's for years, buying their meats from Skipton and Otley

Owner of Bizzie Lizzie's Katie Davison is keen to support local at the restaurant whenever possible:

"I think we have a responsibility as the company that we are to buy local and keep it within the town where we can.

"We can't buy all our products locally, we would if we could, so where we can we definitely believe that's the right thing to do."

Simon Barker, a Director at Stanforth's Butchers, is also keen to strike up partnerships with local businesses in Skipton:

"I think it's important to have a good relationship with other local businesses.

"It's been good to work with Bizzie Lizzie's for quite a lot of years... and it's nice to know that local businesses want to work with us and appreciate what we do."

Pies at Stanforths Butchers, Skipton
The pies, sausages, gammon and gourmet burgers on the Bizzie Lizzie's menu are supplied fresh from Stanforth's Butchers

Stanforth's Butchers

Renowned locally for their award-winning pies, Stanforth's also supply locally sourced meat, bought from farms in Skipton, Bedale and Otley.

Rather than buy the meat directly, the butchers buy the animal, allowing them to trace the meat back to the farm that it came from.

Find them near Skipton castle at Mill Bridge, or head to their website at www.stanforthbutchers.co.uk

Ben Groom from Stray FM's Food & Drink Show went along to speak to Katie and Stanforth's Director Simon at Bizzie Lizzie's:

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