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Are you putting your dog at risk of obesity?

Are you putting your dog at risk of obesity?

Published at 11:12am 6th June 2019.

"Irresponsible" pet owners are putting dogs at risk of obesity with fattening treats, according to research.

  • The average dog is over-fed by 54,000 calories a year, the equivalent of a human eating 402 burgers!
  • Over one third of dog owners incorrectly think that dogs should get treats most days.
  • McDonalds, cake and ice cream are some of the top bad foods that owners admitted feeding to their dogs.

As a nation, we're well known for our love of our furry best friends and dogs are often considered members of the family - but are we putting their health at risk by over indulging them?

Research commissioned by Royal Canin surveyed over 2,000 UK dog owners and found that on the average extra calories per day, small dogs are overfed by 28%, medium-sized dogs by 14% and large dogs by 10%.

Worryingly, only half of dog owners said they care about dog obesity, with some even admitting to feeding their dogs food from McDonalds!

Dog treats
34% of dog owners incorrectly think they should be feeding their dog treats most days.

The most calorific foods dog owners admitted to feeding their dogs were:

  • Crisps (35%)
  • Sausage Rolls (34%)
  • Hot dogs (32%)
  • Cake (30%)
  • Ice Cream (30%)
  • McDonalds (24%)
  • Chinese Takeaway (21%)

Almost a quarter of pet owners admit they have given their dog chocolate before, whilst 15% have even given their pup chewing gum!

Not only is there a lack or responsibility from some dog owners, but there is also a misconception on what people should be feeding them. 

34% of owners incorrectly think that no harm can come from feeding them leftovers and that they should receive treats almost every day.

Golden Retriever
The research by Royal Canin surveyed 2,000 UK dog owners and found misconceptions about what pups should and can be fed.

Ben Groom from Stray FM's Food & Drink Show spoke to TV Chef Lisa Faulkner and Pet Food Expert Hannah Poile about the growing concern over dog obesity:

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