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Yorkshire Pudding voted best British food

Yorkshire Pudding voted best British food

Published at 9:55pm 14th June 2019. (Updated at 9:33am 2nd February 2020)

Yorkshire Pudding deemed champion of champions!

  • Yorkshire Pudding's been crowned Britain's finest home-grown food.
  • It features in a 'God Tier' of food alongside Sunday roast and fish and chips.
  • The list below's been compiled following a survey by YouGov.

The Yorkshire pudding... one of the best loved British foods, right?

Most definitely but now it's official!

YouGov has carried out a survey of the best classic British foods - with five tiers.

The results have been revealed - Yorkshire Pudding has been crowned Britain's finest home-grown food, with 85% of Brits who have tried them saying they like them.

They feature in the 'God Tier' alongside a Sunday roast and fish and chips.

Take a look at the results below...

However, not everyone agrees - the results have caused outrage on Twitter from people all over the country.

Jonathan wrote: "Steak and kidney pudding is absolutely elite tier. Get me out of this country."

Emma said: "Welsh rarebit in the mid tier? I didn't fight in two world wars for this!"

And Vincent added: "Everything in the 'Crap Tier' is phenomenal, you utter utter criminals."


"The results also reveal that men are noticeably more likely than women to enjoy steak and kidney pudding (63% versus 47%), black pudding (56% versus 38%) and steak and kidney pie (58% versus 40%). For their part, women are more likely to say they appreciate cauliflower cheese (76% versus 62%).

"Generational differences are even bigger, although they are all one-sided with younger Britons being less likely to have enjoyed the foods than their elders. The most noticeable is the enormous 43 percentage point gap between 18 to 24 year olds and those aged 55 and over regarding liver and onion, with just 15% of the former liking it compared to 58% of the latter."

What about sweet treats?

Thoughts on the results? Let us know...