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Defibrillators installed in Knaresborough

Defibrillators installed in Knaresborough

Published at 6:52am 26th August 2015. (Updated at 2:50pm 27th August 2015)

After some recent controversy, two potentially life-saving defibrillators have now been installed in Knaresborough.

There was a public outcry when fundraisers were told they would need to pay £195 for planning permission, per machine, to have them put up.

But that decision was reversed, after Harrogate Borough Council consulted with other local authorities.

The two defibrillators are designed to provide fast support to people who suffer a cardiac arrest, where a speedy response is often essential to ensuring someone's survival.

One has gone up by the World's End pub and the other is in the Market Place.

Lizzie Hughes' husband Alistair survived a cardiac arrest, only thanks to a quick response from paramedics.

It was her initial post on Facebook which brought the issue to people's attention and she's glad the publicity has had a positive outcome.

Lizzie said: "What this whole insanity has brought about is a real understanding and awareness of what defibrillators are.

"If more people can understand why they're important to have on our streets, and potentially do some fundraising to get them in their own community, then it's all been completely worth it.

"We hope that the momentum will keep going."

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