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AUDIO: Harrogate parents raise awareness of cerebral palsy

AUDIO: Harrogate parents raise awareness of cerebral palsy

Published at 6:01am 7th October 2015. (Updated at 2:05pm 7th October 2015)

The parents of a Harrogate boy who developed cerebral palsy following complications during his birth are supporting World CP Day to raise awareness of the condition.

Kit van Berckel suffered a significant brain injury soon after being born.

He was diagnosed with dyskinetic cerebral palsy, which affects him physically, causing involuntary movements.

Kit is unable to sit without aid, has no independent mobility, can't feed himself and is also unable to speak. 

His mum, Joanna, said: "Kit is a wonderful, bright, cheerful and lively boy who continues to amaze us with his energy, positive attitude and determination.

"There are a number of challenges you face as a parent of a disabled child and it can be extremely hard to cope with these issues. It is fantastic to see Kit enjoying school and we try to make life as normal as possible for him.

"We hope that by supporting World Cerebral Palsy Day we can raise awareness of the condition and the situations we, and others in similar circumstances, deal with on a daily basis."

Cerebral palsy is the most common physical disability in childhood and is also one of the least understood.

Kit's dad, Charles, has been speaking to Stray FM: 

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