Hospital's fruit and veg stall to boost healthy eating

Hospital's fruit and veg stall to boost healthy eating

Published at 3:25pm 16th May 2016. (Updated at 3:30pm 16th May 2016)

A fruit and vegetable market stall has been set up at the entrance to Harrogate District Hospital.

The Roots & Fruits stall, owned by Julian and Sarah Butler, was opened as part of Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust's bid to improve healthy eating options.

It's open from 10am to 4pm on weekdays and snacks include apples, oranges, pineapples, strawberries and blueberries.

Emma Edgar, Cardiology Specialist Nurse at Harrogate District Hospital, said: "We're really pleased that we are working in partnership with Roots & Fruits to provide healthy snacking options for patients, visitors and staff.

"It's absolutely correct that as an NHS organisation we should be promoting healthy eating and encouraging people to have their Five a Day and this is a really simple way of doing that.

"As cardiac nurses, we are delighted with the healthy eating message associated with this initiative."

Dietitian Jill Gale added: "We've had such a positive reaction to the stall and it's proving really popular. The stall ties in with the development of the Trust's Food & Drink Strategy."

The Trust was recently awarded a bronze Soil Association Food for Life Catering Mark, recognising its push for fresh meals and good food.

Herriot's Restaurant recently launched a 'healthy eating bar' which includes lower calorie sandwiches, low fat crisps and yoghurts.

Changes will shortly be made to the labelling of the menu to highlight healthier meal options.

Staff will soon be asked to complete a survey to help the Trust can support and improve their health.

Sarah Butler, from Roots & Fruits, said: "For us, the presence at the hospital has been great. We have had a good response from patients and staff alike. As we also have a retail shop, our name is quite well-known. The feeling is they can purchase a healthier snack and/or be able to buy for home as well.

"It offers an alternative to chocolate and crisps and makes people think about their lifestyle and long-term health more. The impact of us being here has already shown that it's a good idea. The comments have all been really positive."