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Biggest ever Christmas donation for children's ward

Biggest ever Christmas donation for children's ward

Published at 9:40am 20th December 2016. (Updated at 9:52am 20th December 2016)

The children's ward at Airedale Hospital has been given an early Christmas present in the shape of an "incredibly generous" donation.

It's from Nottingham-based company ALB Investments, which is currently refurbishing the Delph and Leyland tower blocks in Keighley.

Staff on the ward are developing an area specifically for older children and have drawn up a wish list of equipment.

Children's Matron Jo Newman said: "I explained to ALB that we are making this special area for older children, so they have a space to be in that's aimed more at their age group.

"We had already drawn up a wish list for potential donors which includes items such as DVD players, Xbox games, beanbags and TVs which I sent to ALB. I thought they would buy us a couple of items, so was absolutely bowled over when they said they would buy us everything on the list!

"This has been our biggest Christmas donation ever; I am humbled by their generosity. Seeing that massive heap of presents was just unbelievable - especially as they'd wrapped them all! It will make a huge difference to the experience of older children when they stay on the ward.

"Being in hospital is an anxious time, especially for young people, and having distractions like games can really help to take their mind off things."

Arran Bailey, Managing Director of ALB Investments and a trustee for children's charity The Harley Jae Trust, said: "We are delighted to be involved with this great cause and hope to bring some festive cheer to the ward.

"With the Keighley refurbishment project going so well, we decided to look into several different charities and youth clubs that we could support in the area as a way of giving something back to the community.

"We hope that the donations will bring children and families staying at Airedale Hospital a lot of joy this Christmas and we are looking forward to helping with future charity projects in the area."

After the special delivery to the children's ward, 10-year-old patient Danyal Mahmood said: "I can't believe there are so many presents. They will make staying in hospital awesome!"