Nick vs Will - The Result

Nick vs Will - The Result

Published at 2:41pm 31st January 2017.

BrimhamsPromoted by: Brimhams Fitness Centres

After three weeks of challenges set by the fitness experts at Brimhams, Nick Hancock and Will Smith have come to the end of their January journey.

The three challenges were:

- Push Day
- Pull Day
- Leg Day

And now they face the final results. Both were given a USB key by Brimhams to make use of the new Tech Gym equipment that has been installed in the newly refurbished centres. This means we'll get a very accurate and clear result to find out which of Stray FM's motormouths is the fittest.

To find out who was victorious, have a listen to what happened on Tuesday night's Health and Wellbeing Show...

If you missed any of the challenges here are the videos. WARNING: May contain heavy levels of sweat...