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Skipton's campaign to boost dementia awareness

Skipton's campaign to boost dementia awareness

Published at 6:20pm 8th February 2017. (Updated at 11:05am 10th February 2017)

Businesses are being encouraged to make life easier for people affected by the condition.

It's part of a campaign led by the Skipton and South Craven Dementia Action Alliance which has officially launched this week.

A steering group has been set up with representations from dementia groups, North Yorkshire County Council, Craven District Council and Dyneley House Surgery.

Antony Radley, Practice Manager at Dyneley House Surgery, said: "By joining the Dementia Action Alliance, businesses will receive support and practical help to make their environment or services more dementia-friendly.

"Sometimes taking small steps can significantly improve the lives of people living with dementia."

Craven District Council has already delivered Dementia Friends training to some of its staff.

The rebranding and development of Skipton Town Hall is also taking into account dementia-friendly guidelines.

Hazel Foster, who was diagnosed with the condition three years ago, and her husband, Martin, are both supporting the campaign.

Hazel said: "We could be shopping, say Martin had gone to look in another shop window, I'd feel lost and forget what we were doing, where we were, just a bit frightened.

"I'm not saying that if I felt lost anywhere, I'd go up to a stranger and ask them, but if people are aware and see somebody, they might come up to them. I would be very grateful for it."

Martin added: "The more people know, and perhaps come to understand how to deal with it, has got to be good.

"The only thing I would say is that if they do come across somebody who is wandering about, they'll forget there's possibly a carer somewhere looking for them. Try and steer them back to them, rather than make a bigger fuss."

More information about the campaign at www.dementiaaction.org.uk