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LISTEN: Behind-the-scenes with the Yorkshire Air Ambulance

LISTEN: Behind-the-scenes with the Yorkshire Air Ambulance

Published at 1:05pm 21st February 2017. (Updated at 1:12pm 21st February 2017)

Paramedics and pilots with the Yorkshire Air Ambulance are welcoming new advances in technology, which they hope will help them save lives across the region.

Stray FM's been given a look around the charity's base in Topcliffe, near Thirsk, where their second brand new aircraft has recently taken to the skies.

The other, which became operational in the Autumn, is based at the Nostell Estate, near Wakefield.

The new Airbus H145 carries most of the same equipment as a standard road ambulance.

It is fitted with a machine that allows paramedics to perform chest compressions for people who suffer a cardiac arrest and equipment enabling crews to carry out emergency surgery on the road-side.

Paramedic Kit Von Mickwitz said: "Recent developments in trauma care are such that we're transporting patients further away for more specialised treatment.

"In some parts of Yorkshire it can take upwards of an hour and half to get to one of these specialist centres and that's a journey we can do in 20 minutes."

Hear more as Stray FM went behind-the-scenes at the Yorkshire Air Ambulance base in Topcliffe:

The new aircraft replace the old air ambulances that were 20 years old.

Pilot Ian Mousette, said, "They were cracking war horses, did a sterling job, but this is a massive leap in technology.

"We've got improved performance, improved lift capability, increased duration, everything a modern air ambulance would look for."

The Yorkshire Air Ambulance is entirely funded by donations.

£12,000 a day is needed to keep the aircraft in the skies.

You can find out more, including how to donate, here:

Yorkshire Air Ambulance