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No Doubt: Don't SpeakiTunesAmazon

Eye sight going? You can still be a motorist!

Eye sight going?  You can still be a motorist!

Published at 4:24pm 10th April 2017.

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Christopher Nixon

Driving...freedom, versatility, flexibility and, for many, just pure joy.  But if your eye sight starts to falter, you could well not pass the 'number plate test' and not having legal eye sight could lead to a lot worse than just bad headaches.  Cause a crash whilst not being deemed fit to drive, and you could find yourself in a court of law.

But the on-set of deteriorating eye sight doesn't mean you need to hang up your driving gloves (not than anyone uses those anyway, but i couldn't think of a better metaphor).  A simple eye check could reveal the need for a pair of glasses - easy!

But what if the reason for the eye sight failure is more complex?  Surely that is the end of your driving days?  Nope.

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