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10 Reasons Buying Swimwear Is So Hard

10 Reasons Buying Swimwear Is So Hard

Published at 1:59pm 7th June 2017. (Updated at 2:00pm 7th June 2017)

You've been there. The big holiday is coming and you need to update your beachwear, but that trip to the shops to find the right thing can be daunting. Whether you're sucking in in Skipton, updating your image in Ilkley or going back for a refund in Ripon, it's not really the most pleasurable experience.

It's no surprise then, that more and more of us are looking online for the answer. According to Lyst, a global fashion search and ecommerce destination, in 2016 shoppers spent three times longer browsing swimwear than any other product category and clicked on a swimsuit 4 times before buying it.

And it seems it takes a few goes to get it right... swimwear is one of the most returned items of clothing online, with nearly half (45%) of all swimsuits bought this summer so far having already been returned.

Despite not being the biggest hit at the Box Office, Baywatch could well be responsible for one of this summer’s major shopping trends – a 97% increase in searches for 'red swimsuit' over the last six months.

How many of these do you recognise when trying to perfect the summer swimwear look?


1. Pre Shopping

  How can I look good in any of these bikinis when I’ve just been for lunch?!   



 2. Entering the Shop

  SO many decisions, How do I know what style looks best on me? Or if it will fit correctly?



3. Trying to find something that’s sexy but also practical



4. Trying things on like:

 -   Does my bum look big in this?



 Why do these high waisted bottoms make me look like I’m wearing a nappy?!




   When the top fits but the bottoms don’t or the bottoms fit and the top doesn’t



5. Having to consider how this swimsuit is going to leave your tan looking




 6. When the dressing room lighting just isn’t working for you



7. When the shop assistant asks to see what the swimsuit looks like and you know you look terrible




 8. When you have to awkwardly move and jump around to make sure everything will “stay in place”




 9. When you finally find one that fits but you know it’s the most expensive bikini in the shop



10. Getting to the till and realising you’ve just spent £50 on a tiny piece of material that hardly covers any of your body



To save customers clicks and time, Lyst, a global fashion search and ecommerce destination, is launching the SwimSeeker feature, an interactive tool to help you find the right swimsuit based on the body part you love the most, color which looks best on you and your style preferences - a bespoke feed of swimwear options are automatically generated launching today at www.lyst.com/guide/swimseeker