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Ilkley man needs liver transplant urgently

Ilkley man needs liver transplant urgently

Published at 7:30am 31st July 2017. (Updated at 2:24pm 31st July 2017)

A man from Ilkley is in need of an urgent liver transplant.

Luigi Pignanelli, co-owner of the restaurant Emporio Italia, first started to become unwell last August whilst on holiday.

Samantha became aware that Luigi wasn't eating properly and wasn't acting his happy, normal self.

He is now seriously ill with sclerosis of the liver.

The family are searching to find a blood group match to help save Luigi's life.

Luigi's blood group (O+) means he has less chance of finding a suitable donor because he can give blood to anyone but can only receive from his blood group.

They're worrying that Luigi may not survive much longer if a donor isn't found soon.

His wife Samantha is hoping people will start to come forward and contact the hospital if they can offer help.

Luigi and Samantha have been together for 27 years - they have 3 children and a grandson.

Samantha is appealing to people to help in finding a match for her husband.

A suitable donor has to be under the age of 50 and meet other criteria that comes with being an organ donor. 

Samantha explains their story and tells us how difficult finding a match is:

The contact number for St. James' is:
0113 2066858 (Mon-Fri 08:00-17:00)