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These Halloween outfits could cause sight loss

These Halloween outfits could cause sight loss

Published at 5:27pm 26th October 2017. (Updated at 8:48am 27th October 2017)

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There's a trend in Halloween fancy dress that poses a huge risk to you and your eyes. The popularity of contact lenses in fancy dress may be doing great things for your Instagram or Facebook likes, but is it worth it if you lose your sight because of it?

1 in 5 people aged between 25 and 34 have tried them before, but chances are they were bought online, in shops or on market stalls for what may seem like a bargain price. But should you really be after a bargain when it comes to your eyesight?

Take a look at these while you still can...

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We got some advice from Claire at Christopher Nixon Optometrist in Starbeck near Harrogate about the dangers and worries of cheap contact lenses for fancy dress. 

A lot of the problems with cosmetic lenses starts with where they're sourced from. If they're not professionally fitted they could be starving your eye of oxygen which can have disastrous consequences. There's also the chance that the materials they're made from aren't even safe to put in the eye, and haven't been disinfected using a safe procedure. 

Hear what Claire from Christopher Nixon Optometrist in Starbeck said when she spoke to Beth Parsons on Stray FM's Health and Wellbeing Show below. 

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