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Why there's really no need for noisy gym bunnies

Why there's really no need for noisy gym bunnies

Published at 3:28pm 23rd January 2018. (Updated at 4:59pm 23rd January 2018)

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How noisy are you in the gym? Or, more importantly, how much can you hear the people around you? Noise complaints are becoming a problem for gyms, something which iKoustic Sound Proofing in Wetherby are putting a stop to. 

Gyms are becoming increasingly popular with 1 in 7 people in the UK now a member, but from spin classes to weight lifting, from treadmills to yoga, gyms are pushing the boundaries when it comes to unsociable sound levels. 

Understandably if you're a professional weight lifter hauling hundreds of kilos up from the floor to way above your head you may let out a grunt or two. In fact,  never mind 200kg, I do it when I'm carrying the shopping bags inside.

But when you're the one taking part in a relaxing yoga class, the last thing you want is to be reminded that the person upstairs just managed their weight lifting personal best before slamming the barbell back down the floor. 

Yoga stretching

Luckily, if you work at a gym there are things you can do...

iKoustic Sound Proofing are provides solutions to noise problems workplaces, public areas, schools and homes as well as gyms. And regularly develop products which combat very common or very specific issues. 

In the gym scenario, the new iKoustic DuraBloc allows weight lifters to continue their jaw dropping lifts without the worry of noise or bounce...

And for weight machines the new DuraStop prevents that familiar clatter so commonly heard in the gym...

Every situation is different so if you're having a problem with noisy gyms the best thing to do it get in touch with the team at iKoustic Sound Proofing here.

Beth Parsons talked to Rick from iKoustic Sound Proofing on Stray FM's Health and Well Being Show about how gyms can tackle their noise issues. 

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