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The football physio keeping Harrogate Town fighting fit

The football physio keeping Harrogate Town fighting fit

Published at 10:54pm 12th March 2018.

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If your whole career is being a sportsperson, it's crucial that when you get injured, you get the right help in recovery.

The quicker you return to peak condition, the better. By understanding how some of Harrogate's finest athletes recover, you can make sure that the next time you're injured, you're back on your feet in no time. Rachel Davis is the physiotherapist helping to rehabilitate injured players, and has a wealth of advice for recovery. 

When Katie injured the ligaments around her ankle, she had to take time off playing and work on slowly rebuilding strength and stability. A mixture of slowly starting to run on it, ultrasound scanning, taping, and massage have all helped her recovery.

Centre midfielder Jack Emmett has had a range of injuries, including subluxation of the shoulder, and a hamstring injury. His recovery included strength exercises for the shoulder, and Rachel helped to loosen the muscles around the hamstring. 

Midfield player George Thompson is in the lucky position - touch wood - of not having been injured yet. He says the key to avoiding injury is good 'pre-hab', exercises that strengthen the muscles that would otherwise injure more easily. Stretching plenty and paying attention to any niggles as they come up has helped, as well as following a vegan diet. 

Rachel works with sports doctors to provide immediate first aid and long term recovery. She's had players back on the pitch in 3-4 days after an injury, that could otherwise have taken months to heal. It's thanks to Harrogate Town AFC's fantastic connections with local hospitals, as well as her four years of experience at the club. 

Stray FM's Ben Franklin went to talk to the players and their physiotherapist Rachel Davis about how physiotherapy got them back in the game. 

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