Reform your life with Reformer Pilates

Reform your life with Reformer Pilates

Published at 9:32pm 26th March 2018. (Updated at 12:44pm 27th March 2018)

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As you read this sentence, think about your posture. Are you slouching? Don't worry - we all do it.

But over a lifetime of slouching, sitting at a desk, looking down at your mobile phone, your posture could probably use a little work to get back to its best.

Similarly, if the idea of going to the gym is fairly new to you, or even if you've been and felt a little lost at the back of a class, you might be seeking a bit more flexibility and strength without winding up drenched in sweat or accidentally doing a stretch wrong and making it all worse. 

You might simply be in the same boat as thousands of others who suffer with lower back pain. 

A Reformer Pilates class is a gentle, social, and fun way to get fit and alleviate these problems. The range of positive effects felt by the class at LEAR Fitness in Harrogate range from building better biceps to an improved golf swing!

You can hear more about Reformer Pilates at LEAR Fitness in Harrogate from instructor Holly, as well as two class members Margaret and Kate who spoke to Ben Franklin about the class:

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