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10 x more likely to suffer if you're short sighted

10 x more likely to suffer if you're short sighted

Published at 4:24pm 26th March 2018. (Updated at 5:39pm 27th March 2018)

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Christopher Nixon Optometrist

Local resident undergoes laser eye surgery after a timely referral from Christopher Nixon Optometrist in Starbeck.

Whilst many people may link laser eye surgery with vision correction and eliminating the need to wear spectacles, in this case laser surgery potentially saved the sight of one local patient who came to the Starbeck based optometrist presenting with a number of concerning symptoms. 

Sight problems and retinal tear

When Iain Johnson consulted Christopher Nixon for the first time, he described having sight problems including 'floaters' and short bright flashes of light when he blinked.

These symptoms alerted Chris to the possibility that Ian had suffered a tear in his retina.

Retinal tears can be caused by a traumatic event but may also occur spontaneously with those who are short-sighted being significantly more likely to experience a retinal tear

Eye scan showing retina tear in eye

Laser Surgery at Harrogate Hospital

Within the same day Ian was referred from Christopher Nixon Optometrists in Starbeck to Harrogate District Hospital where he underwent treatment.

Aside from experiencing a bit of a sting when the anaesthetic was put into Ian's eye, the treatment was a success and the laser surgery repaired the damage to the retina.

Had the referral and treatment not been so successful, the retinal tear could have progressed to a retinal detachment that is much more likely to result in significant vision loss.

Ian Johnson with Christopher Nixon in the optometrists

If you have experienced problems involved flashes of light in your vision, floaters (small specks of 'something' in your vision) or are shortsighted Christopher Nixon Optometrist in Starbeck is encouraging you to get checked out. 

Pete Egerton talked to Christopher Nixon and Ian Johnson on the Stray FM Health and Wellbeing Show. 

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