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Could IV nutritional therapy boost your energy?

Could IV nutritional therapy boost your energy?

Published at 5:06pm 23rd April 2018. (Updated at 5:14pm 23rd April 2018)

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Aeon Aesthetics allowed Stray FM's Beth Parsons to sample IV nutritional therapy, but how did she feel following the treatment and can it really boost your energy levels?

IV, or intravenous nutritional therapy is big business in America, some clinics even offer a mobile service so you can be "hooked up" to a drip and receive a concentrated dose of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Back in March, Stray FM's Beth Parsons experienced IV nutritional therapy for herself; the "wellness protocol" provided multi-nutrients, multi-vitamins and several days after the injection, Beth reported feeling "chirpy" and generally felt very good...she was also going to the toilet quite a lot to pass more water than normal.

Beth Parsons sits with an IV drip in her arm receiving nutritional therapy

That'll be the vitamin C

As Dr. Martine Freestone at Aeon Aesthetics explains, the high dose of vitamin C taken intravenously "takes water from your bowels and makes you thirsty." You therefore drink more water and subsequently go to the toilet more.

Dr. Freestone stresses though that you're "not boosting immediately."  If you were to eat a chocolate bar or perhaps drink some coffee, yes you'd get a kick of energy but then you'd crash. Patients who have experienced IV nutritional therapy, in some cases, have reported a gradual improvement in energy and mood.

Needles frighten me!

Dr. Martine Freestone has been working as a dentist for 23 years and so has daily experience of administering injections incredibly carefully and offering plenty of reassurance to any nervous customers.

In a situation where you suddenly decided the treatment isn't for you, that's OK. The initial consultation is free and you have the final say.

Dr. Freestone admits that it is very early days for IV nutritional therapy in comparison to across the Atlantic, but she's intrigued by the positive effects the treatment has shown in certain cases and should you be interested, you can contact

Hear Stray FM's Pete Egerton chatting to Dr. Martine Freestone below and you can read more from Stray FM's Health and Wellbeing show here.