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Could better sunglasses improve your cycling?

Could better sunglasses improve your cycling?

Published at 4:09pm 14th May 2018.

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A simple pair of sunglasses just won't do when you're out on a sunny cycle.

There's so much more to consider. Are they providing adequate UV protection? Are they shatterproof, and sturdy enough to keep fast moving gravel out of your eyes? Are they even the right shape and size?

Perhaps the biggest risk the wrong glasses could pose is being the wrong design for cycling. If the frame is obscuring your vision, or allowing strong winds to dry out your eyes, it's time to invest in a more cycling-appropriate pair. 

A picture of Christopher Nixon and Beth Parsons wearing sports sunglasses in the studio

One of Christopher Nixon's patients was getting a stiff neck and headache from cycling. It transpired that he'd gone elsewhere to buy sunglasses, and the brow bar was obstructing his view. This meant that he was holding his head at a difficult angle when tucked over on his bike, just to be able to see! 

The perfect pair should wrap around your face, providing unobscured views and wind protection. They also need to fit comfortably under your helmet, preventing that familiar headache you get when the frames press into your temple. 

You could also try some daily disposable contact lenses, just for those days when you need to go without glasses to wear specialist sports eyewear. 

For help choosing the right pair, Beth Parsons spoke to Christopher Nixon Optometrist:

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