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The top local team looking after your eyes

The top local team looking after your eyes

Published at 8:46am 4th June 2018. (Updated at 11:41am 6th June 2018)

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Christopher Nixon Optometrists

There's more to the perfect pair of glasses than getting the right prescription - it takes a whole team to find the perfect eye wear.

Luckily, from making your appointment, to getting a prescription, having the lenses cut to fit, considering contact lenses and follow up on it all, there's a member of the team for everything at Christopher Nixon Optometrists, and they've got some great advice for finding the right pair for you. 

A shop selection of glasses in various colours and shapes

Picking the right shape

It's a universal problem - finding the shape of glasses that best match your face. Whether you wear prescription glasses or you're just shopping for some sunglasses in time for summer, you want to choose a shape that is the opposite of your face, advises Martin, a dispensing optician at Christopher Nixon's.

For example, if you have a round face, you want to stay away from round glasses shapes. Similarly, if you're very square-jawed, rectangular frames might not be particularly flattering. 

Making the jump to contact lenses

Whether you're a sportsperson, someone who always forgets where you put your glasses, or just don't like the way they look on you, you may want to consider contact lenses. 

However, the obstacle that stops some people from making the switch is the notion of trying to put their lenses in. 

Carole assists with managing the practice, as well as helping patients with contact lens insertion. Her advice is to get good teaching. Learning early on how simple it can be to put in a contact lens can make all the difference when trying to switch over. 

Stray FM's Beth Parsons interviewed the team for the Health and Wellbeing Show:

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