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What is a chiropractic adjustment really like?

What is a chiropractic adjustment really like?

Published at 4:27pm 26th June 2018. (Updated at 1:21pm 27th June 2018)

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Harrogate and Ilkley based chiropractic clinic shows Stray FM presenter what getting adjusted is all about. 

Stray FM presenter and host of the Stray FM Health and Wellbeing Show Beth Parsons went to visit Dr Jason O'Connor owner of O'Connor Chiropractic to experience her very first adjustment.

What is a chiropractic adjustment?

An adjustment done by a chiropractor means applying pressure to or manipulating certain areas of the spine, specifically to vertebrae within the back that could be causing problems. 

It's common for people to feel they have an injured body part (knee, shoulder or neck for example) but actually it stems from problems within the spine. 

During an adjustment, in a similar way to how joints such a knuckles might make a cracking sound, the audible sound is a release of gas from joint cavities. 

Whilst it may be an unusual sensation at first, it's not normally painful. 

Following an initial health consultation, Beth's posture was studied and it was revealed that due to stresses in other parts of the body, the left and right sides of her body were far from even! Her right arm seemed longer than her left, something which appeared to be echoed in her leg length too. 

It was quickly discovered that the root cause of this difference was in Beth's neck - a common area of stress, probably partly brought on by working at a computer a few hours a day. 

Following Beth's adjustment with O'Connor Chiropractic she said "I feel taller, like physically taller. I know you haven't actually made me grow, but the way I'm standing, I feel a good inch taller. And looser, I feel looser."

Beth gets adjusted at O'Connor Chiropractic

If you'd like to find out more about how chiropractic care could help you, get in touch with either the Ilkley or Harrogate O'Connor Chiropractic clinic and organise your free phone consultation.

Beth Parsons from Stray FM's Family Show went to see Dr. Jason O'Connor from Chiropractic Clinic about getting adjusted. 

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