The at-home treatment that helped this child move independently

The at-home treatment that helped this child move independently

Published at 8:57am 24th July 2018. (Updated at 9:08am 24th July 2018)

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Born prematurely at 24 weeks, Pollie suffered a bleed on the brain that has given her cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and hydrocephalus. Now, a breakthrough treatment in Harrogate has given her the ability to move herself around. 

The Brain Collective treat a variety of brain related conditions including the Integrated Listening System, a technology developed in Denver, USA. It can help patients with brain function issues to recover concentration, movement, and processing skills. 

What is the Integrated Listening System?

The system works because of neuroplasticity - the ability of the brain to adapt and change. The Integrated Listening System uses a combination of music, language and movement to help reorganise connections in the brain.

Pollie Smith in walking frame

After 20 sessions of ILS at home, Pollie went from being unable to move around independently, to shuffling on the floor. This significant change in her abilities has given her the freedom to move towards toys she is playing with, significantly reducing her frustration. 

In order to continue further treatment and support for Pollie in the future, her family set up a Footprints for Pollie Facebook page.

Pollie Smith at the Brain Collective having brain map

The Brain Collective in Harrogate

The Brain Collective only use evidence based therapies. Not only does the Integrated Listening system have a great bank of research behind is already, a masters student is studying different EEG patterns before and after use of the systems to establish it's effectiveness. The Brain Collective is the only company in the world trusted to carry out these scans for the research.

Beth Parsons from the Health and Wellbeing show found out more about how The Brain Collective use the ILS, and how it has helped 8 year old Pollie:

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