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Breastfeeding: "I would have quit" - Harrogate mum says group kept her going

Breastfeeding: "I would have quit" - Harrogate mum says group kept her going

Published at 12:18pm 7th August 2018. (Updated at 4:11pm 7th August 2018)

As World Breastfeeding Week comes to an end, a Mum from Knaresborough says without the support of a local group she couldn't have carried on.

Sarah is Mum to 16-week-old Elsie and attends a La Leche group in Knaresborough, which is run by an international organisation that has counsellors across the country.

She said: 

"It's a whole learning curve - you haven't just got a new child, breastfeeding on its own is just a whole new world.

"You've got so many different positions and latches, if you didn't have a group like this and other people to experience it with, I would easily have quit. It's incredibly valuable."

Research shows the UK has some of the lowest breastfeeding rates in the world - something the week-long campaign is trying to combat.

Lesley Smythe is the La Leche leader at the Knaresborough group.

She said:

"We offer volunteer support by text, phone, email - whatever mums need and however they need it.

"Some mums come along when they're in dire need. I welcome them in and introduce them to other mums if they're new.

"Breastfeeding really worries mums in this country. We support in whatever way mums need it."

Research shows that breastfeeding gives babies a great start and has a positive impact on their health.

Breast milk provides babies with key nutrients that are not available in infant formula and reduces the chance of developing infections and eczema. There are benefits for mothers too - breastfeeding can lower the risk of developing post-natal depression, type 2 diabetes, and breast and ovarian cancers.

Details of the group can be found on the La Leche Harrogate Facebook group.

Listen to Stray FM's Lisa Darvill chatting to Lesley Smythe and mum Sarah at the Knaresborough La Leche group.

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